Taking A Decent Picture Without A Professional Camera 

Let’s face it, you want to take a nice picture of this beautiful scenery infront of you but you don’t have a decent camera. DON’T WORRY! You don’t need a professional camera to take a good picture.

As for myself I use my Iphone 5s, the quality of the pictures are actually really acceptable. Here are some tips to take a decent picture with your Iphone:

1. An important thing you always need to check: is my camera in focus? If you’re a frequent user of Apple devices (that are able to take pictures) then you probably noticed a yellow square forming on your screen when you take a picture, this yellow square is ‘mister focus’ without it your pictures wouldn’t look as good. You basically tap the yellow square and there you go,focused. It might take a few seconds for it to be on good focus when it has to adjust to different lighting, like in concerts with lots of lights or very bright sunsets.

2. It’s almost impossible to take a good looking picture whilest walking. You see that beautiful sunset in front of you? But oh no! You’re walking in a busy street and can’t get your picture right because you’re walking too fast to keep up with your friends, relatable. Take your time and tell your friends you really need this picture (they might give you a weird look but who cares right? everything for a good picture) take a moment to stand aside and take the shot.

3. Do you like the picture you took but you’re not completely convinced? You might just want to add a filter. The app I prefer is ‘VSCOcam’ it has a nice collection of good looking filters, you can also brighten/darken , cut your pictures in the right shape. Not enough storage on your phone for that one app with the good filters but you need to keep your Instagram Feed on point? Instagram itself has a fairly large amount of filters to choose from and they’re really good.

I hope I helped you out there.

See you later 🙂

Take A Shot ~SB


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