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Hi people! I decided to do a DIY ( Do It Yourself) today.

What we’re going to do is designing a plain tote bag.

What you’ll need:

  • Plain Tote Bag
  • Studs
  • Pencil
  • ( A Stamp)

What you’ll do:

You take your tote bag with you and place the studs where you want them to be, you don’t attach them yet.

Once you’ve done that you take a pencil and draw little crosses on your bag where you want your studs to come so you don’t forget where exactly you wanted them.

Your studs, as you see, have little sharp ends on each corner, you push the corners inside the bag. Attention! make sure it’s only pinched inside one side of the bag and not both sides or you won’t be able to open your bag properly anymore. When the corners are inside one side of the bag, you turn the bag inside-out until you can reach the little sharp ends of the stud and you push them down to the center. – little side  note – yes your finger can hurt when you do this. You repeat the actions for all the studs.

You’re probably wondering why you need the stamp? You don’t have to use it but I did it to mark the insides of the bag, it’s just a nice little touch-up.

The pictures underneath will help you when you’re stuck. (at least, I hope so)

See You later! 🙂

Take A Shot ~ SB

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