Hello lovely reader

What would life be without music? That’s a question I ask myself quite a lot. The answer? Life would suck.

Going to concerts is without a doubt the best thing ever. I know, I say this about a lot of things if you read my posts but to be real here, shouting your favourite lyrics back to your idols, looking forward to seeing them live for years, finally being able to see them, to actually hear them and breath the same air as they are. It sounds ridiculous but it’s amazing, simply amazing.

My Experiences 

-ticket sale-

When you know your favourite band/artist is coming to your country/city it’s important to check out when exactly the ticket sale begins. Being early is the key to succes. You won’t want to blame yourself for a year on end because you forgot about the ticket sale right? Also make sure you’re already logged in to the site where you can get the tickets from to spare some time.

-Save up-

Save up enough money for that one concert you really want to go to if your parents don’t want to pay. In that case you can say you have it all sorted out.

-the venue-

When you’re in the standing section, BE EARLY! You will have the best view. To be honest, who doesn’t want front row seats right? I personally haven’t been that lucky yet but seeing One Direction from the 11th row was good enough.

Concerts through the years 

To be fair, I’ve been to quite a lot of events and concerts so I’ve seen some very good people perform over the years. My first concert was in 2011 I suppose, the date was 11/11/11 I clearly remember. We went to see Rihanna and even though I don’t really remember that much I would definitely go back anytime. Next was probably Conor Maynard and Ellie Goulding, Jessie Ware, Bandits and so many more during Jim Fest, which was a Belgian event back in 2012.

In 2013 I was lucky enough to see my biggest idols in the whole wide world, One Direction. Row 11 seat 7. I’ll never forget, I even remember what I was wearing. A pair of red trousers and a striped top, indeed like Louis Tomlinson – the babe. I also caught Zayn Malik waving at my sister and I, I could be wrong of course but hey I like the thought of that.

In 2013 as well I went to Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, also known as the best DJs in the world, for the first time. I’ve seen them 3 times now and I highly recommend it!! I can’t wait to be 18 and go to Tomorrowland!

Jumping right into 2015 now because 2014 was concertless unfortunately. 2015 was the best year ever concert wise! I saw all my favourite people live and I wish I could go back every single day. The first concert of 2015 was Bandits in February, Bandits is a Belgian music group with 4 guys and NO! they’re not a boyband. Next were my favourite Aussies 5 Seconds Of Summer – OMG – Thursday 21st May 2015, after seeing the support act Hey Violet, which you should really check out! it was finally time for them to perform and oh god it was fantastic, amazing, wonderful, emotional literally everything at once. One month later in June the day was finally here, Saturday 13th June, Koning Boudewijnstadion Brussels, you guessed it, yes THE ONE AND ONLY ONE DIRECTION! Being there 4 hours early on this beautiful and hot day, with them being 10 minutes late -boohoo- at 8:40pm they came up on stage singing ‘Clouds’ and the crowd went wild and it never stopped. 55 thousand people were screaming,crying and singing. Now this was a concert I’ll never forget.

The last concert of 2015 was in September, I saw The Janoskians in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. The Janoskians are an Australian Group of YouTubers, they sing as well. Check out their YouTube channels –  & – the Janoskians was more of an ‘event’ than a concert, what I mean is that they mess around a lot, they make you tweet stuff during the concert, etc… Their support act was LoudKidz, LoudKidz is a group of 3 British lads, Chez Davis, Benjamin Donaldson and Jamie Skehan from Manchester. They make very good music, which you can check out on their YouTube Channel – – my personal favourite song of them is Friendzone.


Leave in the comments below who you have seen live and want to see live again. I hope you enjoyed this.

See you later 🙂

Take A Shot ~SB


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