time to talk


Hello people!

Today’s topic, Talents. Not having a talent doesn’t exist, it might take a while until you find yours but trust me, you will.

“I wish I had a talent…”

Does this sentence ring a bell? Hearing someone hit those amazing notes, tasting the best chocolate cake in the world, seeing the best photo ever taken,… and wishing you could do that too.

Talents don’t have to be physical talents, that’s something I always thought, talents can definitely be mentally. What I mean is that you might not be the best dancer, the best singer, the best cook or best football player but you could be good at writing, taking pictures even listening is a talent, not everyone has it.

How to find your talent

If you don’t try, you don’t know. You can’t say you can’t do something when you haven’t tried it. You want to be able to draw amazingly? Try it! Go for it! “I can’t do this” – excuse my language- bullsh*t. Of course you can’t be good at everything you try, yes you will fail but at one point you will also succeed and that’s something you have to keep in mind. Just don’t give up.


I hope you enjoyed this short peptalk.

Have a great day and see you later 🙂

Take A Shot ~SB

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