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As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the cocktailbar, don’t worry I’m just drinking a coke, in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been here since 12pm, back then it was very sunny but cold now it’s rainy and cold. Swedish weather I guess? I’m going to guide you through my week here and let you know what places I visit and food I taste. For the food I’m going to use a ranking with stars from 5 to 1 going like this:

*****= excellent

****= great

***= alright

**= not again please

*= very bad

I’m also going to give you an overview of the week by organizing everything by day.

To get here in Sweden we traveled by a tour operator called North And Away. They gave us loads of magazines, maps and all other kinds of information to help us out. That has been extremely handy to plan out our days. They’re a travel expert for the Nordic countries.

Important note: the Swedish currency isn’t Euros, Dollars or Pounds but you pay in Swedish crowns – SEK – 

-All photos will be inserted below-



Monday morning 5am, alarm goes off… TRAVEL TIME! No time is too early for a traveler! Checking, double checking, triple checking if I packed everything. Driving to Brussels Airport went rather quickly, not that much traffic. The plane took off at 10am while the sun was shining through the clouds on this rainy day. 11.54 the plane lands in the sunny city called Stockholm and I’m very excited! We take a 20 minute drive to our Hotel Scandic Malmen close to the city center. The rooms are fairly small actually, you don’t get a closet, just a little rack. The view from our room isn’t nice either but as long as you can sleep and wash yourself it’s all fine to me. The interior is cool though, I like it very much. It’s blue and grey and the curtains look like they’re made of silk. The wifi connection, which is very important works fantastic! You can even connect with it in the Metro Station below the hotel. Having a Metro Station so nearby is an absolute asset.

The people here are very nice and their English is phenomenal. Around 2pm we go out to eat in Honey Honey. When you step in it looks like a pub and it smells like olives, it looks old but nice. Hospitality is one of the most important things there is when you go out to eat, or just anywhere,maybe even more important than the food itself. Let’s say their hospitality was worth *** stars. They were friendly but that’s about it, they didn’t give much explanation about how their menu works and stuff. The food, I had a vegan pasta, was delicious and a little spicy, let’s give this a well deserved ****. After dinner we explored the city and came across some nice shops and saw some amazing views. Let’s say this has been a well filled day already and it’s only 6:30pm.

At this very moment I’m watching some Spongebob in English since that’s the only decent programme that’s on. After this chill time I’m off for dinner.

‘Has been gone for a few hours.’ At around 8pm we went out to eat something and we had to search a bit but that’s okay. We eventually stumbled upon a place with multiple restaurants and to my surprise even a movie theater. This place is full of cultures, you can eat Libanon food, Mexican Tacos, Kebab and so on. We went to a Jazz Bar called Louis. Besides the loud music and people singing, or trying to sing, karaoke and the menu not being English, we all got ourselfs something nice to eat. My sister and I went for scampi and risotto while my dad got a pasta carbonara and my mom some pork and fries. It was all good so let’s say *** are in place here. 9pm, today has been long, I’m off to bed, goodnight!


Good morning Stockholm! At around 8am I woke up and I haven’t slept very well, the airconditioning is pretty loud and you hear the elevators go up and down from time to time. At 9am it’s time for breakfast, the place is beautifully decorated and there’s a large assortment of literally everything. I ate my tummy round and we headed back to our room to plan out the day. The maps and magazines we got from North And Away are now really coming in handy. I would also advise you to use Trip Advisor.

First stop of the day: the Open Air Museum in Skansen. It’s basically a zoo and an old, recreated Swedish village. We got here on foot and by metro, it’s a little while away from our hotel. For more information about Skansen  go to . Since we’re in the middle of winter a lot of animals are hybernating which means there aren’t many to see. We saw a monkey, moos, reindeers!, goats, cows, seals, sheep and we also visited a little old house from a Swedish family who used to live there. The lady that stays in the house now gave us a little guide through the centuries.

Next stop: an indoor market in Östermalmen called Östermalmshallen. It’s nice to see and taste the local specialties. But it’s not very big so you won’t walk around there for ages. After this we went to TGI Fridays which is an American Restaurant. I really wanted a burger and fries but the one I wanted wasn’t available today..sigh.. So I had to go for a pasta again since I had to order something on such a short notice. It was so spicy and I hate spicy food so I didn’t enjoy that but I’m sure someone else would. My sister’s chicken was delicious though.

I’m now back in the hotel because we don’t really know what else to do and we also walked a lot already today. Did I mention Stockholm Streets go uphill often? Well now you know. It’s exhausting.

We decided to stay in the hotel for the rest of the day and went down to the bar to get something to drink. A jazzband called Upstairs 5 played some good tunes. We ate something later that night in the hotel’s restaurant. I finally got myself a hamburger but unfortunately it was extremely salty. Might have to give this one **.

It’s sleepy time, tomorrow will be all about friendship and I’m so excited.


I woke up around 8am and I was very nervous. Today is the day I meet my internet best friend that I’ve known for 2 years now. Coming to Sweden was 99.9% for her and I’m so glad I finally met her. Her name is Diana – does the 1D song pop in your head yet because it does to me every time – and she lives nearby Stockholm. She came here around 10.25am and we met up in the hotel lobby. We then talked for an hour and went out to go shopping in Stockholm city. This day couldn’t get better already. Diana is a very talkative person and I’m more of a listener so it was good to have someone like her with me and she also knows where exactly to go. She helped us out a lot and taught me a lot more about the country that I didn’t already know. Diana, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Around 3pm we got lunch in a plave called Jensen’s Bøfhus or just Jensen’s steakhouse. It was a lovely place and the food was fantastic. Worth ****. Around 5pm we got our metro back to the hotel after a sad goodbye. Now that I’m writing this I realize how much I miss her already so I hope to see her again very soon! In a little we’re off to Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant. I’m excited but not hungry at all since we ate this late. 

Wow, the food at Jamie’s is the best! I went for a Penne Carbonara and a home made lemonade which was very nicely presented. It all just tasted so good! The woman who served us,who was definitely British, was very lovely. I would give everything *****! I highly recommend this!


Our last day here, I don’t  want to leave! After our daily morning routine and packing our bags we decided to go and explore the city for one last time. We took the metro to Gamla Stan and went to the Royal Palace from there. There was an event going on which was the World Championship Cross Country Skiing . A bit further away was a shopping mall called Mood Stockholm. It’s nice to walk around in and to warm up a bit since it was freezing today. The rest of the day consisted of us walking around the city and buying souvenirs. We had lunch in an Italian Restaurant called Il Forno Italiano. You could either choose from the menu or the buffet. We chose the last option and I’m glad we did. It was delicious! You are able to choose from a couple of starters,mains and pancakes and coffee as a dessert. **** definitely.

I’m now in the airport waiting for my flight back home. I hope you all enjoyed this journey with me and I’ll see you on my next trip! Thank you for reading!

PS:during my flights I’ve been reading A Work In Progress – by Connor Franta which I highly recommend!

Summary about what you need to see:

  • Sergels Torg
  • Gamla Stan
  • Skansen
  • Mood Stockholm
  • Östermalmshallen

What you need to eat:

  • Semla (pastry)
  • meatballs
  • anything at Jamie Oliver’s

Take A Shot ~SB

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