lush haul

Mini Lush Haul

Hi there!

It’s Sunday again! Our favourite day of the week.

Sunday is relaxday for most people and relaxing includes taking a bath. What is a better way to take a bath? Taking a bath with a Lush Bathbomb of course!

What is Lush?

Lush is a shop with products based on beauty and relaxing,… What I think is important to know about Lush, is that they fight against animal testing. It’s such a great cause! They have stores all over the world so you better go and take a look (or smell)!

What do they sell?

Lush is most famous for their bathbombs, which everyone loves! A lot of celebs use Lush products, like Zoella ( youtuber), and to be quite honest, I’m so jealous of her collection of products…

They of course don’t only sell bathbombs but they also sell scrubs, shampoo, lipbalm/scrub, facemasks, make-up and so on. I’ll let you in on a secret here….. EVERYTHING JUST SMELLS AMAZING!!!! The minute you even walk past a Lush Store your nostrils get filled with the magnificent smell of heaven.

Almost every product has a specific name. The lipscrub that I just put on my lips is called ‘The Kiss’, it’s made especially for Valentines Day and it even tastes good..oops.. The bathbombs all have a name of their own, there’s the Intergalactic Bathbomb, the Experimenter Bathbomb, there are way too many  to name…


How do I use a bathbomb?

Now that you’ve bought your Lush cosmetics you don’t exactly know how to use the delicious smelling bathbomb or bubble bar. It’s super easy! While your bath is filling up you throw in your bathbomb and let it melt in the hot water. Finished!

Now for the bubble bars, you don’t throw bubbel bars in your bath, you need to crumble them under the tap of hot streaming water. You can use bubblebars more than once, which is great.

Keep an eye out on their website during holidays like Christmas or Valentines Day. They always come up with new, refreshing, exclusive and limited edition products.


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