Happy Easter!

Happy Easter lovely readers of mine! It’s Sunday and I’m back!! It’s been a while hasn’t it? School has been taking in all my free time to do my favorite hobby, blogging. But I’m back! If this is your first time here on this blog, welcome to you my friend. I hope you smile a lot 🙂

Back to the subject now, Easter. Easter stands for chocolate doesn’t it? Now my question to you is: What did you do this Easter?  What are your plans for today? Did you go on an Easter egg hunt this morning? If you did, hope you had the best time and found looooaaaads of delicious treats. Did you paint eggs in all your favorite colors? I’m dying to know what you are up to, comment those stories in the commenting section below please :).

Like I mentioned before Easter stands for chocolate but that’s not exactly true… It does for kids and teens but for the elderly (mostly) it’s a way of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. A holiday for all the Christians basically and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have a lovely time spending time with family or eating your chocolate or just doing nothing because you’re not interested in Easter at all, which is an option as well of course. I’m now going to drink a delicious hot chocolate ;).

I hope you all have an amazing week.

See you later 🙂

Take A Shot ~SB

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