Must visit

Sanseveria – must visit [Bruges,BE]

Keep calm and eat a bagel!

Hi lovely readers! It’s Sunday!! Today I’ll give you a must visit to one of the most delicious places in the city of Bruges, Belgium called Sanseveria.

What is Sanseveria?

Sanseveria is a Bagelsalon, it’s as simple as that but the bagels are made with so much love you can taste it with every bite you take. “Now whats on the menu?” You might ask yourself. In Sanseveria you can either get breakfast or lunch consisting of bagels,salads, egg and bacon, the homemade granola,etc.. but the details about the menu I won’t give away because that’s the surprise for you if you ever find yourself there. Maybe one last, fun thing to know: everything on the menu has its own name which makes it a lot of fun for the visitors. “Can I have the Olivia please?”. Doesn’t that sound so nice?!

Visit Sanseveria.

Sanseveria is located in Bruges, Belgium. 

Adress: Predikherenstraat 11,

                8000 Bruges

It’s open every day except on Sundays. 

Want to make sure you have a nice seat? Reservate via the number 050 34 81 43 – or via 

Sanseveria also does Take Away. 

Check out their Facebook page as well for any other kind of information throughout the year. 

And last but not least you can also subscribe to their newsletter on 

Enjoy your visit!

-check out the pictures below- 

Take A Shot Blog ~ SB


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