Goodies Of The Month

Goodies Of The Month – [March]

Hello lovely reader!

Today we’re going to talk about my ‘Goodies Of The Month'(GOTM). GOTM is a new series I’m going to start which means that there’s going to be a new GOTM every single month. In here I’m going to talk about what I enjoyed most during that month, which is now March, and I’m going to guide you through my favorites. Enjoy!

The Cacti

Cacti is something I’ve wanted for a while now and I finally got some very cute ones! I bought them in ‘Dille & Kamille’ in Bruges,Belgium. I didn’t just put them out on my desk because I wanted it to look cute so I bought a little glass house for it. Cacti are easy plants for people who aren’t very good with watering them…like me. You only need to water them about once a week and they don’t need much at all. To me it’s a very nice way to decorate your room, especially when you put some fairy lights around it to make it even look cuter than it already does. Let’s say, I’m obsessed!

blogpost goodies 7


In March I also finally managed to finish a book called ‘A Work In Progress’ written by Connor Franta. (If you’ve read my blogpost about Sweden you will know I was reading it on the plane). It’s not just a regular biography about his life, no, there’s more to it than that. He gives you advice on things he has been through during his 22 years of existence and when you finally finish it, you feel like you learned so much more about life in only 212 pages. I absolutely love that thought. You can purchase this amazing book on Amazon.

blogpost goodies 3          blogpost goodies 4


For this blog it’s handy if I can write down my ideas and there’s no better place to do that than in a nice looking notebook (A5). I bought this one in Hema and it has a cute and soft cover, which is the main reason I bought it. I’ve used it quite a lot this month and that’s why it deserves a place in here.

blogpost goodies 6


To be honest I’m not that much of a make-up freak but I do like some lipsticks. This month I purchased an ‘Essence‘ one in the shade velvet matt 23. It’s a pinky nude colour and it actually looks pretty good. You can wear that colour at all times and it fits well during these soft spring days. It’s not expensive either, I paid €2.40 for this one. (There’s no filter used on this picture).

blogpost goodies 5


During March I bought Adele’s album called 25, I know I’m late but that’s okay, and I’ve been blasting it through the whole house all the time (sorry neighbours). The songs I love the most are ‘Remedy’ & ‘All I Ask’. I really want to see her live because she’s simply the best. Buy:

Besides Adele, Zayn Malik’s album ‘Mind of Mine’ came out on the 25th March as well. As a big fan of his former group – One Direction- I absolutely had to have it and it’s soooooo good!! If you like the songs by ‘The Weeknd’ you will most likely love this one as well. Favourite songs: ‘FOol FOr YoU’ & ‘TiO’. The titles of the songs are written in a different way as you can see but that’s so much more fun, it’s different and different is good.      Buy:

adelemind of mine

That was it! Those were my ‘Goodies Of The Month’ and I really hope you enjoyed it! If you want me to try out some other stuff for next month you can leave those in the comments below.

Until next week!

Take A Shot ~ SB

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