My Go To Shops

Hello lovely reader!

The sunny days are here again, at least I hope they stay for a while. Spring is the season that makes you ready for summer, am I right? It’s time to shop for new outfits! Here are my go to shops.


Zara is definitely one of my favorites because you can find so many basic pieces of clothing and let’s be honest, everyone needs those. I’m not that type of person that wears floral pants or checked skirts, I like it basic and that’s why Zara is the ultimate choice.


Once again, the basics. H&M is like the “cheaper” version of Zara. It has good quality clothes for a decent price. What else do you want? I’m also a big fan of the H&M Home collection, I can’t help it, decoration is so amazing!

Men at work

-For the brand lovers-

Men at work has so many nice clothes! It’s a bit on the pricy side but that’s okay. It’s still very affordable. The people who work there are extremely nice as well which makes the shopping even nicer. In here you’ll mostly find brands such as Adidas, 8mm., Nike, Calvin Klein, etc…

men at work


Urban Outfitters 

My absolute favorite!!! No doubt in the world, hands down for this shop. It has everything! Just literally anything you could ever ask for. It’s all very American themed and I love the American style. I’m a bit of a decoration freak when it comes to my room and UO has so many cute bits and pieces for in there. I would love to buy their record player because I’m in L O V E. It’s a bit too expensive for me but if I save I’m sure I can get one, and I will! Donating can via the number… No no just kidding. Just go and take a look on their Instagram and you’ll be convinced.

Jüttu [‘you too’]

“Home of brands, House of friends.”

Jüttu is a new shop in my city and I like it a lot. I have to warn you, it’s not cheap. Not really for college students’ wallets… They have a bit of everything in there as well. Plants, books, clothes, some furniture here and there… If you’re a blogger you’ll definitely like that shop. It’s all very Instagram-y (let’s make this a word okay). Definitely a must to check out! I’ll be there, Jü-tu?

Forever 21

Are you looking for a big shop with cool accesories, rather cheap clothes AND is available for everyone? Than this is your cue!  A must for shopaholics in every city! Go and take a look!

America Today

Another shop for people who like the American style, kinda obvious with a name like that right? I think  this shop has super cute clothes, shoes and guess what? even snacks! Yummie Oreos, Nerds, American Cookies… If you like it a bit more wild, there’s a nice set of Beer Pong Cups as well. Shoe wise there’s a fairly large amount of Convers or New Balance shoes, at least that’s what they sell in my nearby A.T, I don’t know if it’s different in other shops. You’ll have to check that out yourself!




Have a nice day!

Take A Shot ~ SB

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