What’s In My Bag -[ Travel Edition]

Hello lovely person reading this! Welcome (back) to Take A Shot Blog, Enjoy your stay!

I recently went on a very short city trip to Barcelona to see FC Barcelona play, shout-out to my sister who loves the team! Now as you all know, women quite have their necessities when it comes down to traveling, wherever we go, we need our personal stuff with us. Now I’m going to give YOU a look inside my travel bag.

The Bag

I’m so obessed with my little handbag from Six. It’s not only the perfect size for traveling but also to just carry around on a daily basis. It’s black, very affordable and cute!

blog bag

Now the ultimate question and purpose of this blogpost, what do I take with me?

What’s Inside

wimb blog

When you travel by plane you can’t take everything you want with you as hand luggage, you need to follow some rules. No liquides (over 100ml), no deodorants, not too heavy,.. The first thing I always pop in there is my WALLET, you absolutely CANT forget your passport!

Taking a CHARGER with me is something everyone does I guess? You never know you may find a plug somewhere in the airport whilst waiting for your plane to board.

For people who still want to look presentable when they enter/leave the airport or plane, taking a little HAIRBRUSH with you might be handy. Shout-out to the girls out here! A piece of GUM is always welcome as well.

BOOK ALERT!! If you read this blog every once in a while or know me personally, you know I fancy a good book every now and then. So this time I started reading Looking For Alaska by John Green on the plane. Since this was a 2 hour long flight I quite had the time to read some pages. And I LOVE IT! Highly recommend it! If you would like other recommendations check out this blogpost.

Last but not least you may not forget your SUNGLASSES. Nothing is nicer than putting those shades on when you leave the airport and walk out to your sunny destination.


Take A Shot ~SB

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