Goodies Of The Month

Goodies Of The Month -[April]

Hello beautiful people!

It’s time for our second ‘Goodies Of The Month’ out of this series! How excited! If you’ve read the previous one, which you can read HERE,you might remember that,like I just said, this is a series of all the things I liked in that particular month, now April. I know we’re already half way May but I hope you still enjoy this!


I admit, I’m a shoe addict and I’m not even ashamed of it. In April I bought these light pink Sperrys that are so *damn* cute! They fit under jeans, skirts, dresses,… I’m just totally in love with them! This year I’ve been really enjoying the colour pink. If it’s not in my shoes then it’s in my nailpolish or in my *2* lipsticks I own. Same goes for rosegold, you have no idea how bad I want a rosegold Iphone, oops.


MAGAZINES!!! Elle is a monthly magazine that has amazing articles about fashion, traveling (my fave), health, small talk… It’s not one of those rumour magazines, no it has more style and has a nice cover which mostly fits perfectly in your instagram feed. Which is very important 🙂 If you’re not a big fan of reading magazines in real life, you can also read them online. You of course won’t have the same content as if you’d read them in the magazine itself but you’ll have your daily dosis of fashion and more. Click HERE if you want to read ELLE online.

Looking For Alaska

Here I am again..BOOKS!! Nothing can go wrong with a book written by John Green, I’m being serious here, READ A BOOK! My favourite in April was Looking For Alaska. It doesn’t happen often that a read half of a book in 1 week and now I did so that means it’s really good! I also have to admit that I didn’t finish it yet but hey that’s not my fault! School is responsible for this… Anyways go check out this masterpiece.

book blog

Summer Coat

The warmer days are here guys, finally! But if you live in Belgium like I do, you have to be prepared for everything. It can be 25°C on Monday and 11°C by Wednesday, as I said, you just never know. This is why this coat by Only is amazing! It’s soft and fits perfectly with all the basic pieces of clothing I own. It can be worn over jeans or dresses, it’s up to you. I just think it spices up your look, it makes you stand out just that tiny bit. I must say, I bought it in winter so I’m not sure you can still purchase them but if you can, go and grab one! Coats are quite the fashion item this year so you might as well get one anyway.

blog jas


Every girl loves her jewelry and I’m one of those. I got a beautiful necklace as a christmas present from my parents. It’s heartshaped and gold *heart eye emoji*. They got it in a shop called Fanini, a must to check out! They have lovely jewerly for every age and over 15 brands to choose from. Sound interesting am I right?

blog necklace

I’m not only a fan of necklaces, I’m also a bracelet lover. For my jewerly I prefer gold, real gold or fake gold, doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s pretty. And speaking of pretty, so is my bracelet I purchased in ZEB. I forgot what brand it was from but I know I got it there. Take a look on their website, they mostly sell clothes but do jewerly as well.

blog bracelet

That was everything I loved in April, hope you enjoyed!

Take A Shot ~SB


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