Goodies Of The Month

Goodies Of The Month – [July]

Hello beautiful reader, now that July is over and summer is halfway, it’s time for my favourite post of every month, the goodies of the month post!! *aaaaah get excited*!! Take a drink and a snack cause this blogpost is gonna be long! I loved so many things during July, I also bought lots of things and received lots at the end of June for my birthday sooooo there’s A LOT we’re going to go through right now and I hope you’re as ready as I am, let’s go!


Clothes, clothes, clothes and clothes again. I have so much to show you! I feel like I’m doing one of those Zoella (YouTuber) clothing haul things haha anyways, the first item of clothing I’d like to show you is this BE-U-TIFUL dress from Bershka. This summer the patches are really in and I’m absolutely loving them! This dress doesn’t only have those patches BUT it’s also my favourite colour so why wouldn’t I buy this? I purchased this online because they didn’t have it in my size anymore in the shop itself but I’m very glad I finally got my hands on it.

Next to the dress is another T-Shirt I bought in Bershka, with patches (oops), it’s cropped but the sleeves are longer than a normal T-Shirt, I love it and it’s super cute on a pair of high waisted jeans shorts!

Let’s stay in the vibe of the patches and go on to another item with yet again patches, I went aaaalll in on this one! It’s a jeans jacket from Men At Work from the brand 8mm., it’s oversized and it gives you the “cool look” if you know what I mean. I wasn’t totally sure if I was going to buy it because even though it’s an amazing jacket, it’s not really my style. Until one of my colleagues (yes I work there) convinced me by saying “STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE” and well I should really start doing that so I did, by buying this jacket.

jacket 8mm

(I prefer my jacket when it’s open and with rolled up sleeves, it looks way better!!)

Since I work in Men At Work, I often see things I like when I’m there, I of course love to shop and bring stuff home every now and then… you already see it coming, don’t you? Well yes indeed, the jacket isn’t the only thing I bought.. I also got a striped dress from the brand Stylist’s Own, a bracelet and white Adidas because why not right?!

This last but not least clothing items are a lovely jacket from Zara! It’s once again in my favourite colour and I’m  basically in love with it… help me guys, I’m seriously addicted to clothes… And a cropped sweater from Pull & Bear, ‘The Voyageur’ it’s made for me haha.



For my birthday I got two amazing smelling gifts, one from LUSH and one from Rituals. These things are so nice and have amazing packaging! It’s insane! The LUSH gift contained 2 bathbombs, ‘The Intergalactic bath bomb‘ and ‘The Twilight bath bomb‘ which I’m very excited about to use! The Rituals gift contained a scrub, a shower gel, a shower oil and a body cream..IT ALL SMELLS SO GOOD!!

From my best friend I received a fragrance mist called ‘ Fijian Water Lotus’ and I’ve been using it ever since my birthday because it’s the most amazing smell. A fragrance mist isn’t a perfume like you would use to spray once or twice with no, a mist you can use to spray over yourself, even on your clothes without leaving any marks. It’s brilliant and it’s from ‘The Body Shop‘.

Italian Love Affair

No! It’s not what you’re thinking! It’s just the name of a nail polish! We all know OPI names every nailpolish they make so I bought, Italian Love Affair, it’s pink and perfect for summer. One bad thing, it chips of very quickly so you may need a top coat here!



My amazing friends got me a gift card with the amount of money I needed to buy the bag I always wanted and I will love them forever. It’s a black Longchamp and oh god guys, it’s so beautiful!!! I could talk about every single detail I love but I’m going to spare you that, this blogpost is probably long enough already. (sorry not sorry)

When I went shopping in Bershka and came by the till to pay I saw one thing I had to add to my shopping cart, it’s a little bag that says ‘blog your dreams’, definitely going to use this as my pencilcase!

Same thing happened in Pull & Bear when I got this Phone case, the watermelons are amazing on this and I really needed a case for summer. There’s one thing, or 2 little things that annoy me about this case and that are two plastic little thingies that cover the entrances for your headphones and charger for protection. I know it’s a good thing they are covered but it annoys me to remove them every single time…

One last thing I’m enjoying, and will keep on enjoying for the next 5 years is this diary which is called ‘One question a day’. Every single day you get a question and you can answer the same question every single year and then you will see that your opinion on things changed or stayed the same. I like that thought.

THAT WAS IT!! YOU SURVIVED!! Hope you loved it!

Take A Shot ~SB

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