Hello travel lovers!

When you first hear about Ibiza you probably think about parties, DJs, cocktails, etc… Which is partly true BUT Ibiza isn’t all about partying, it also has culture and beautiful sights. Doesn’t that sound perfect for a holiday? Relaxing by the beach in the afternoon and partying in the evening.


I’ve got to admit, Ibiza lives more by night and that for several reasons 1) overday it’s too hot, around 30°C (100F) to actually be active so the Spanish people do their so called siësta and come back out when the sun’s about to go down. 2) Another reason is because of the clubs, Amnesia, Pacha, Ushuaïa, which are the most famous, where a lot of famous DJs do their sets. Mostly one DJ is in a specific club every specific day, for example: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike play Amnesia every Sunday, David Guetta plays Pacha every Thursday..and that goes on and on until September.

There’s also one down side to this part of the day for my underaged readers here, basically every party is 18+… Trust me, being 16 myself it was kind of annoying at times but I enjoyed my stay there equally as everyone else would.

You don’t need to go to these crazy ass parties to have fun, I would highly recommend to go to Cafe Mambo or Cafe Del Mar which are known as ‘the hottest sunset bars’, meaning you see THE MOST BEAUTIFUL sunsets there of all places in Ibiza. They’re also located next to each other. Cafe Mambo is child friendly with amazing food and the music is awesome! A lot of pre-parties are aslo held here for the bigger parties in the clubs I mentioned above. During my stay in Ibiza, we went there at least 4 times. Once to grab a drink, once to grab a bite and twice to go out and have fun to the beats of great DJs (count Martin Solveig to that) (and all for free!!).

*Tickets for the clubs are available in basically every restaurant or bar or nearby the events themselves.


Having talked about the evenings let’s go on to the days itself. We stayed in this hotel called Marble Stella Maris. It’s beautiful and super big! The interior is mostly white and the lobby had super cute hanging chairs! Apparently it’s a hotel that’s run by Dutch people because I hardly heard one single word of Spanish whilst being there!

Whenever me and my family go on holiday, we always manage to get the furthest room there is, whether that is at the end of the hallway, the top level of a hotel or in this case the one that’s steepest up the hill. It’s worth the walk and the sight but in 30°C you’d rather do something else trust me. However the room was beautiful and the view was amazing! The food was great and so were the staff of the hotel.

We stayed in our hotel most of the time, to swim or chill out or play mini golf (which was a bad choice in that weather). But we of course explored as well. Since our hotel was located in San Antonio, Ibiza city itself was a bit further south. About a 30 minute drive, so we rent a Fiat 500C to make the road unsafe. In Ibiza city you can find shops and restaurants and places like Hard Rock Cafe… It’s a nice city to walk through.

One day we went down to this “little” bay close to our hotel and we hired a peddle boat with a slide! That was honestly the best day there! Imagine yourself peddling through the Mediterranean on a sunny day in August.. Ahh wish I was doing that again right now! Definitely my highlight of this entire summer.

Another highlight was on the same day when we had dinner at our hotel in a beautiful fish restaurant called Fish Market with an equally beautiful view. The interior was white with lots of fishy details and downstairs you could hang out in the hammocks that gave you an amazing view of the sunset a bit further away. It was just a wonderful day!


If you’re someone that needs to see some culture whilest away, the old Ibiza town is the place to be. You can drive up there and park your car (if you can) and walk the rest of the way up. It’s a nice activity when it’s a bit more chilly out because it’s a very steep area. The view is breathtakingly beautiful once you made it up, it’s definitely worth the visit.

*~Other activities~*

Other than that I would suggest you to go snorkling around Es Vedra because I heard it’s beautiful out there! We didn’t get the chance to visit that place which is kind of sad now that I think about it. Next time then!

Since it’s an island it’s of course surrounded by loads of water, so it’s kind of normal that there are lots of wateractivities to do. From tubing to parasailing to party boats, etc.. A good idea in that heat!

  • I used this packing check list from Pinterest  and it helped me out a lot so I hope you can use it too! ( follow my Pinterest for more great stuff!)

Packing List!:


Head over to the video on my YouTube Channel right HERE and enjoy!

That was it, are you convinced to go to Ibiza now? Well I hope you are!

Take A Shot ~SB 

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