Goodies Of The Month

Goodies Of The Month – [August]

Hello lovely reader

It’s September now which means it’s time for another GOTM, our fifth already!! How time flies when you’re having fun! I didn’t particularly buy that much in August since I went on holiday which you can read all about right here, but I do have some stuff I’m sure you guys will enjoy.


First things first I bought this amazing smelling perfume from Adidas in Ibiza. I absolutely love the packaging because you know, rose gold might be my favourite colour at the moment… and Adidas is definitely one of my favourite brands. Starting with the shoes I now have clothing and perfume.. is this ever going to stop? #shopaholic

We all know the struggle of finding a great bag for school that does its justice. The right measurement, perfect colour and not to mention the capacity it has to have for all our not so useless feminine necessities. I usually do a good year with one bag but it’s all worn out after a whole year of heavy books. So I stepped into Zara and picked up this silver bag. It works perfectly for school but the handles are kind of thin so it’s best to keep it as light as possible.


Music wise I got addicted to a few songs:

  1. ‘Dancing on my own’ by Calum Scott, which is a cover of the orginial version by Robyn.
  2. ‘Mercy’ by Shawn Mendes, don’t even get me started about how wonderful this song is.
  3. ‘Spirits’ by The Strumbellas
  4. ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ by Sia, a must on your playlist!
  5. ‘In the Name of Love’ by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha, pure PERFECTION.

I’m the type of person to download a dozen useless apps and do absolutely nothing with them BUT this time I downloaded this app called Fashionchick and it has all you ever wanted. Delete all those fashion apps and go with this one. You can search by subject, clothing, bags, shoes… There are even styleguides like fashionable sportswear, festivaltrends 2016…Searching by brand is of course an option as well. This app is just brilliant and everything a girl ever wanted.

Pinterest is also an app that I use very often when I’m out of fashion inspiration or to look for quotes for my instagram captions. I would also recommend this app for people who are very creative because you can quite find the amount of DIYs out there! Visit my Pinterest page if you want to see what my interests are or if you’re in need of some good quotes.

Until next time!

Take A Shot ~ SB

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