September & October Favourites

Hello beautiful people!

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted and I’m deeply sorry for that. I decided to treat you guys with a lovely favourites post. As you may have noticed I changed the name from “goodies of the month” to “favourites” simply because it’s easier for everyone. Without further ado here we go!

*~Room Decorations~*

I’m that kind of person who’s addicted to decorating her room and because this year I’m finally going to repaint and redecorate it all I’ve bought some very cute pieces to brighten up my room. First of all I got these AMAZING rose gold fairy lights from Maisons du Monde which I absolutely fell in love with the moment I saw them. They’re basically everthing I could ask for, rose gold, cute shape and easy to hang up.

I also bought a frame which has a quote in it. A quote I think brightens my day when I read it every morning. I got this from Deco Moods.

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.”

Isn’t that absolutely right?

CUSHIONS are such a lovely item to make your bed look fabulous. I bought 2 in Leen Bakker , one which is fluffy and pink and another one  which is grey with a rose gold pattern.

(see picture above)

That’s kind of it for my room because it’s not fully decorated yet so I’ll make sure to write a post about that as soon as I can!


In October I purchased 2 books from Amazon called ‘All The Bright Places‘ by Jennifer Niven and ‘Everything Everything‘ by Nicola Yoon. I haven’t read any of them yet but I’ve heard some good things about it and I’m reaaaally looking forward to reading those.


Back in September I bought this beauty of a ring from Six. It’s fits perfectly around my small finger and looks absolutely gorgeous with every outfit. I’ve also noticed that it’s great quality because as you all know,  cheaper rings tend to turn green after wearing them for a bit, well this one didn’t and I was very surprised and happy about that!


I’ve always wanted some nude nailpolishes and found the right ones in Hema, the first one slightly darker than the second but equally beautiful. I also like it the fact that they have names, the lighter shade is called ‘Syrup Waffle Delight’ and the darker shade ‘Calm Down Brown’.

Recently my sister had to visit a red carpet and I did her make up, well I’m not an expert but YouTube has taught me some stuff here and there. I realised whilst doing her make up that we didn’t own the right brushes to have a proper result. So we went out and headed to Kruidvat the next day and bought tonsss of brushes. They’re all very soft and super cheap!

Hope you all enjoyed reading and I’ll see you soon!

PS: something REALLY exciting is about to happen for this blog so you better be ready!

(c) Take A Shot Blog – SB

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