One Year Anniversary!

Hello lovely readers!

It’s 27th December which means it’s the ‘Take A Shot Blog’ 1 year anniversary!

A year a go I had the idea to start a blog but I didn’t quite know how to begin, then I saw an article in a magazine about blogs and what sites were best for blogs so I stumbled upon WordPress and now here we are, 1 year, 700+ visitors, 2300+ views, 95 likes, 29 countries who visited this blog and 30 blogposts later. These numbers keep on amazing me, it makes me very happy knowing other people enjoy what I’m writing, enjoy my pictures and my rambling on and on about everything and nothing like right now, haha. I wanted to plan something special for this day but I thought, you know what, let’s just write about it because that’s what I enjoy the most and I hope that’s as well what you guys enjoy the most.

My further goal here is to grow in my writing, to make this blog SPECTACULARLY good and once again that you enjoy reading what I have to say.

Only one thing lasts me to say and that is, THANK YOU, thank you for reading, liking, commenting,… because that means a lot to me.

Remember to leave a comment below or anywhere else where I can see it if you have any suggestions you want me to write about because I gladly will.

Festive greetings and a lot of love,

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~SB

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