Life is short, buy the bag.

Hello lovely reader!

To all my ladies who love bags, clutches, wallets, cute toiletry bags… don’t go anywhere because this will get very interesting for you!

A talented woman, with a passion for designing all kinds of bags and everything that belongs in that category named Liesbet Steyaert, owns the brand called KALIS which is an anagram for ‘Liesbet’ and ‘Kaligrafie (is Calligraphy in English)’. Also not as unimportant, everything is HANDMADE! I, personally, think that’s amazing, it gives that extra touch to the product. Most of the bags are made in high-quality cotton (mostly Japanese fabric) or vegan leather. The handles are made of leather.

There’s a good variation in all the products, everyone can find something they like. There are brightly coloured bags, bags with quotes, black ones, floral ones,…

There’s a lot available and I’m going to list some stuff underneath so you can see with your own eyes how nice and cute and beautiful everything is.


– Bags –



  • Little bags: €6 – €20 (depends in size)
  • Bigger bags: around €50 & €60

Quote Bags

These just look super cute! I think they’re nice to use in Summer, by the beach or on holiday.

Price: €25

foto van KALIS.foto van KALIS.foto van KALIS.

! All big bags are unique, meaning that the fabric is only used once. The quantity of the smaller bags is limited, meaning that when the fabric is used up it doesn’t get bought again. ( This doesn’t count for the bags in vegan leather)

– Clutches –

The perfect way to pimp your outfit is by using one of these clutches, they’re perfect in size to fit your phone, keys and mini wallet.

I personally use this clutch as a toiletry bag in my schoolbag because it’s such a nice way to have some sparkle inbetween all the boring school stuff.

foto van KALIS.foto van KALIS.

Price: €10

– Wallets –

Super cute, mini and handy wallets! What else could you ask for?

13092156_1079073812164450_1370084386143431218_n11069212_835744189830748_5246485332486890771_n13244665_1085966248141873_1499952527097029650_nfoto van KALIS.

Price: under €10 (all depending in size)

– Toiletry bags –

foto van KALIS.Price: €14

XL Toiletry bag

These honestly fit a lot! I’ve been using one of these on holiday for years and so much goes in there! Using this as a make up bag would also be super cute.


Price: €15

Finishing Touch: 10464365_690874547651047_8045679768287731187_n

Take a look on the KALIS Facebookpage to stay up-to-date with their new creations, contests and events.

For the people who live in Belgium it will be easier to get your hands on a KALIS piece, if you live in another country and are dying to get your hands on something, you can contact KALIS on Facebook and you never know you can arrange to get it shipped to you! So the message is, check out their Facebook!

You can also follow them on Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Take A Shot Blog ~SB

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