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Hello guys!

I have to say, I’m not quite the fashion expert and I probably won’t ever be but I do love fashion. And therefore I love looking at outfits on Pinterest, reading fashion magazines like ELLE, watching clothing hauls on YouTube… and so much more.

Speaking of Pinterest, I’m obsessed with this platform by the way, I have this pinboard called ‘Heart Eye Emoji’ and that’s where I save everything in I love clothing wise and jewelry wise or other fashion things. I decided to call it that way because everyone else uses ‘Fashion Inspiration’ or ‘Fashion Inspo’ or anything like that, no effense if your pinboard is called like that but I personally didn’t really like that.

What this blogpost basically is about is showing you guys my style, what I love about fashion and giving you guys inspiration to look bomb-ass good!

My Style

– Sweaters –

@ematimofei: Street style – Sweaters are something I always tend to go for. They’re super comfortable and can look very chic if you wear the right accessories with it.

minimalist Slouchy jumper with black skinny jeans and a small bag. Perfect for a relaxing day out team with a messy bun and converse or ankle boots to dress it up and you are ready to go! #WITCHERYSTYLE: Grey sweaters are my absolute favourite. Grey in general is my favourite clothing colour.

 : Oversized GREY sweaters!! That’s all I live for basically haha.

// pin: c l a i r e h a n: fashion:

love pink: Baby pink – a colour that suits almost everyone and I’m in love with it, even though I don’t own that much in this colour, I hope summer brings pastel colours back again this year!

– Shirts –

 : High wasted jeans combined with a shirt tucked into it are a win-win situation. It’s gorgeous.

 : Besides the shirt in this picture, I also really like her hair. I love short hair but I’m kind of scared that if I cut my long hair short, I’ll regret it…ya feel me?

.: This could’ve totally been me in this picture but then with shorter legs of course and maybe, just maybe a little less fancy bag than this one.

♡ pinterest: @tamikkajayne ♡:  Accessories make everything look better!!

–  Dresses & Skirts –


I didn’t really use to love dresses like a year ago, but in summer I really started enjoying wearing them. I’m not the type of girl to wear pink dresses with a lot of sparkle, I’m more the sporty, straight dress type of girl. I also really love the combination with this jeans jacket and the shoes, I would totally wear this!

Pinterest//prettymajor11: I recently bought a dress that looks almost exactly the same from H&M! I so love this style with a pair of Converse or Adidas.

 : Sporty Chic –  loveee it.

¡Boom, boom! Street Style Sónar 2016 © Josefina Andrés: This dress could come straight out of Zara, I don’t know where it’s from but it’s super cute!

dianakuts: Sporty Chic – Once again, I’m in love with this style, it’s so simple yet still fancy.

 : You can never go wrong with panties and a dress!

– Jackets –

lookforless: Black Purse: My #1 go to jacket, long jackets are so pretty! Even though they’re a bit too cold for winter, whenever spring starts again, it will come back out of my closet again!

simplicity | The August Diaries:

Proof That Jean Jackets Go with Everything via @PureWow: I love jeans jackets and especially combined with sweaters or dresses. Simple, cool, edgy, it can be worn with so many styles.

happily // ✧:

Pinterest: @barbphythian || everyday look | oversized denim jacket, white shirt, black high waisted jeans, Adidas superstar in black and white.:

 The bigger the jacket, the nicer the outfit.

– T-Shirts –

Find More at =>

T-shirts tucked into jeans are my go to outfits if I don’t know what to wear. It’s again simple but looks still nice, especially when there’s a cool quote written on it or a patch. Plain T-shirts are of course also great.

chunky knit cardigan, striped top, ripped skinnies, black sneakers street style:

pinterest~ laurenxmas:

Fashion Gone rouge : Photo:

Ever since I saw Tanya Burr wearing this shirt I fell in love with it. It’s so classy and stylish.

This Pin was discovered by Akanksha Redhu. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.:

Basic – plain – gorgeous.

Find More at =>

Nina Urgell Cloquell (@ninauc) •:

Can’t go wrong with a Tommy Hilfiger Shirt right?


T-shirts + dungarees long or short = perfect match. I’ve recently grown to love dungarees but I can’t seem to find one I really like so let’s hope I can find one and pull this style off!

– Shoes –

happily // ✧:

Adidas, either Superstar, Stan Smith or anything else that’s simple looking but still does the job is welcome in my wardrobe.

Super Website~Nike Free Shoes only $22,#Nike #Free #Shoes,Nike Free,Check it out!! it is so cool.:

I would DIE to have these. Like honestly look at it, it’s pure perfection.


High top Converse literally suit with every outfit. Try it out, skirts, jeans, dresses, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

– Jewelry –


Earrings are so lovely, the tiny ones are super cute and stylish and are my go to piece of jewelry to wear. I only have 1 hole pierced in every ear but I’d love to have a second one pierced because it’s so nice as you can see, so mom, if you’re reading, I would really like a second earring!


I’m not a fan of chokers but the second necklace I really like.


Bracelets, rings, necklaces, whatever you may like it always boosts your outfit, you simply can’t go wrong at all with this.

If you’re reading this, you made it.

This is most likely the longest post I’ve ever written and I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as I loved writing it.

See you very soon,

Take A Shot Blog ~ SB

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