Hello beautiful people!

I haven’t done a favourites post in so long, so therefore it’s time to make it happen. I bought some great things over these past months, some a bit more pricey than the other. I hope you enjoy!

Bits & Pieces

– Phone Cases –

Buying the iPhone 7 last month kind of, sort of, totally ruined me financially… But to every downside there’s a good side! I could now start looking for cute covers and I specifically wanted a marble phone case because it’s simple but still very lovely. Finding the perfect one is super hard, there are so many different types of marble, some too dark, some too white, or just ugly ones.. Later on I found one that fit my needs, it’s from a website called MyInteriorMusthaves and they sell so many cute things on there! You definitely need to take a look.

One is only just one so therefore I bought a second one, actually I got this one before the marble one, firstly I couldn’t find what I wanted so I thought ‘why not make one myself?’ and that’s exactly what I did. I used this site called GoCustomized . It only costs €15 to make one and there’s free shipping right to your doorstep (in Belgium).


– Calvin Klein –

Since I started working in a clothing shop last year it’s very dangerous for me not to buy anything. So about last week or two weeks ago the new Calvin Klein collection was in store, Calvin is a lovely brand, not only for their underwear but also for sweaters and T-shirts. Every time I go working we’re allowed to wear something from the store and it was quite chilly in there so I wanted to wear a sweater and since the new Calvin collection was in you can already guess what I chose. I went for a grey sweater with baby blue and white lettering. During my break I decided to try a T-shirt as well and I absolutely loved it. It’s called a butterfly fit because the sleeves are a bit longer and when you spread your arms it’s not clinging to your body if you know what I mean. I ended up buying both.. oops. They both fit perfectly with light jeans or shorts in summer.

– Converse –

In my previous post I talked about how much I like high top Converse and I’m going to do it again. Look at them, just look at them.. ahh my favourite shoes tbh. You seriously cannot go wrong with wearing these. Highly recommend them to everyone.


– Earrings –

I love my accessories and especially my earrings. My dad got me these beautiful sparkly little dots and I love itttt!! There’s not much to say about them but they’re lovely.


– Ed Sheeran –

If there’s one artist who already deserves the price for Best Comeback it’s definitely Ed Sheeran. His already number 1 singles Shape Of You, Castle on the Hill and How Would You Feel are my all time favourites. I cannot wait until his album comes out!! What’s your favourite song at the moment?

– Alan Walker –

A little bit more up-beat than Ed Sheeran but equally beautiful is Alan Walker’s song Alone. It’s like I said super up-beat and I get soooo happy when I hear it, it makes me want to jump around.

These were my favourites and I would like to know what your favourite bits and pieces are, so feel free to leave a comment!

Lots of Love

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~ SB

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