48 hours in Maastricht

Hello everybody!

As you can tell from the title of this blogpost I am currently in Maastricht, The Netherlands. It’s a city located in the South of Holland close to the border of Belgium and Germany. So it’s kind of obvious that the main language is Dutch, but there are also some people who speak German here which is quite nice. I’m here for 48 hours and I’m going to take you with me on the journey so tag along ! (or read along 😉 )

Day 1

– City –

We arrived at about 12pm and headed directly into to city. You have to cross a bridge before you enter the city center and the first thing we came across was some sort of shopping center that some of you may know, called de Bijenkorf, they also have an online shop if you would like to check it out. We had a stroll around and decided to visit a church first, it’s not because we are super Christian or anything but it’s always nice to pay a visit. We burned a candle and looked around a bit, then we headed back into town to have a drink and something to eat. We sat down in a place called ‘Brasserie Amadeus’, which was nice but we had to wait quite a while until our lunch was served and we sat by the door which was very cold. Anyways we went to our hotel after that and we we’re very pleased…

– Hotel –

The Dutch‘ is the name of the hotel we are staying in. We got a very warm welcome from the lady at the desk, she explained everything the hotel does and even gave us a tour of the place, how lovely! The interior is super nice, there are a lot of pink, blue and gold tints all over the hotel. The lobby is super cute and so Pinterest worthy. Not only the lobby is Pinterest worthy but the rooms are to die for…


– Room –

Before we headed up, the lady told us we made a very good choice on the rooms. I was super excited to go up to the fifth floor and check our rooms out. THEY ARE MASSIVE! There’s a huge pink bath in the middle of the room, a beautiful desk, seats and huge mirror on the wall above the bed. But wait, hold on, there’s a DISCO BALL IN THE BATHROOM!! And there’s music playing when you turn it on. I’m in literal heaven… Everything is kind of 80’s style and I absolutely love that, there’s something about that period of time that I like so much.


Isn’t that absolutely insane?! There’s also so much detail everywhere and nice bits and pieces like the palm tree coat racks or the bag for the hairdryer. Quotes here and there.


As you saw in the pictures above, the bathroom is crazy, but the soaps, shampoos, body lotion and bath salts that came with it were super cute and some of them had funny text on them that you should definitely read. They’re from a brand called anatomicals.


For our dinner we decided to head to Harry’s a fancy meat restaurant and I was blown away like wow!!! It was super delicious and I definitely recommend it for everyone who ever visits Maastricht.


Day 2

– Breakfast –

Breakfast is served a little bit different in The Dutch. You get a Breakfast Bag and you have to mark wether you want breakfast for 1 or 2 people and wether you want it at 7,8,9 or 10 in the morning. You hang the bag on your door before midnight and breakfast is served right at your door in the morning. Such a lovely concept! You always get a healthy breakfast but what’s going to be inside is always different accuring to the lady of the hotel who told us. You can either eat it in your room or go to the cozy room downstairs. I went for the first option.


Next we went shopping and exploring around the city, there’s a shopping center which has a Men At Work, a Hollister and all the good stuff called Entre Deux.

After a few hours we decided to head home.


Thank you for reading!

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~ SB

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