Disneyland & Drake

Hi everyone!

February 28th and March 1st were very special and magical days. About a week before the 28th my dad had bought us tickets for Disneyland, I was beyond happy because I hadn’t been there since my 9th birthday in 2009… What a better reason do you need to go back? The next day, so March 1st, Drake was coming to Belgium and I of course had tickets to see the big man himself. Two excited days to talk about!


We left early in the morning around 7am, we had a 3 hour car ride infront of us and since the park opened at 10am, it would be the perfect time to leave. With a car packed full of excitement and a desperate hope for sunny weather we headed off.


After a lot rain, some traffic and missing one exit which made us arrive half an hour later than expected we arrived in the magical wonders of Disneyland Paris. I was mostly excited to see the most beautiful castle out of all places, there’s something about it that I absolutely adore. Rain or no rain, I didn’t really care anymore once we had arrived. Excitement was the only word that could discribe how I felt. Apparently we didn’t own the right tickets for the right date, typical, luckily a quick visit by the till made it all work out for us and we could finally attend the park.


My sister and I wanted Minnie Mouse ears, because why not? HOORAY for Minnie Mouse!! You can basically get these everywhere throughout the park but mostly in the beginning in ‘Town Square’.


Our long drive had made us quite hungry and I was looking forward to eating a ‘Mickey Mouse Pizza’ something I ate all the time when I came to Disneyland when I was younger. It’s basically a margherita pizza but in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head, much to my disappointment, you could only get one if you took the kids menu and I wasn’t really too keen on that so I went for a larger pizza, without the shape of Mickey Mouse…

The real fun could now really begin, we first went on ‘It’s a small world’ which is a boat trip to start up slow. As the day went on we did more attractions in every section of Disnleyland possible. There’s Mainstreet USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland, all with attractions that belonged right there. I have to say that a lot of those attractions were based on smaller kids and that the second park, Walt Disney Studios, is a better option for ‘the older kids’ attraction wise. For me personally, the faster the ride, the more fun. That’s what a lot of people thought I guess, because the waiting lines where the longest for those kind of rides.


I really enjoyed my day and the best was yet to come. THE PARADE! It was so beautiful! I honestly forgot how magical Disney could be. I was so impressed! You see almost every Disney figure, on a beautiful float and there’s this one song playing over and over again which sounds so magical and is super contagious. A perfect end of a perfect day.



– Antwerp –

We booked a hotel in Antwerp, because that was the most convient for us since we left for >> Maastricht << the day after the concert. We stayed in Hotel Rubens, close to the market square. The rooms were lovely and they even put chocolates on the bed, ah beautiful people.


We had lunch in the city, went shopping and tasted the amazing fries of the new company owned by Sergio Herman, a famous 3-star cook. It’s called Frites Atelier and is nearby ‘de meir’ which is the biggest shopping street in Antwerp. Must visit!

– The Concert –

It’s finally time to go and see Drake! I was excited, once again. Concerts always give me an adreline rush and I loveeee that. The atmosphere in places like Sportpaleis (the arena) is incredible. There were a few support acts but I only remember one of them. DVSN, a man who can hit incredible high notes AND raps amazingly.

Drake started soon after and it was wild, so wild and amazing. The crowd who were standing by the stage were the wildest, most lucky and biggest Drake fans in the whole wide world. They went crazy and knew every single song he sang. I am a fan Drake but not for a super long time, so the songs from back in 2009 I unfortunaly couldn’t really sing along to. He impressed everyone with the moon that came out of the stage, I’m sure you’ve seen it on Instagram or definitely Snapchat, and if you haven’t then here it is:17236994_422805121385874_464077280_o17238557_422805131385873_176641723_n

Impressive right? At least I was impressed by him the whole show.

Thank you for reading!

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