I binge watched Riverdale…

Hello everyone!

Treat yourself to a Netflix account or borrow a friend’s, because you’re going to need it. Riverdale is a new series on Netflix starring some handsome young lads such as Cole Sprouse, aka Jughead, and KJ Apa, aka Archie Andrews.

I’m definitely a series lover, from Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries all the way to Gossip Girl and now Riverdale. I must say, whenever I know some hot actor has a role in a series that I know I’m going to like, I am sure to watch it.

Riverdale had me all caught up from the start. The first episode is super exciting and thrilling to watch. It’s basically about a murder, someone killed Jason Blossom and the only question is who. It’s a big search for clues and there are so many obstacles along the way. There’s love, there’s heartbreak, mystery and joy. Riverdale has it all. Archie Andrews is the school’s hottie, football player AND singer-songwriter. What more could we ask for? Jughead on the other side is the mystery guy, always typing away on his computer and up for adverture together with Betty Cooper, Archie’s best friend. Cheryl Blossom, sister of the murdered Jason, is a wealthy and I’d say obnoxious kind of person. There are of course many more people who have a role in this brilliant series but that’s for you to find out!

It’s definitely a must to watch and I would totally recommend it. Even if it’s only to be able to watch two beautiful guys for 40 minutes long…

Every Friday there’s a new episode on Netflix, so hurry up and start watching now!


(c) Take A Shot Blog ~SB

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