How I Wear : Dungarees

Hi guys!

As I’m writing this I’m wearing the most comfortable clothes in the freaking world. I’m talking about my dungarees, of course. I got these back in Maastricht in The Sting. I have been looking for a pair of these for ages! They’re not the cheapest, around €70, but the quality is amazing. The brand it’s from is called Anti Jeans.

I specifically wanted a black pair just because I knew that would suit me better. And it did! As you may see in the pictures below, they’re not skinny jeans but a bit wider, I like them this way. Happy happy me.

How I wear them

I prefer wearing dungarees with a T-shirt underneath it and with my white adidas superstar shoes. Since my dungarees are black, I also like avoiding wearing black underneath it, because that way the dungarees wouldn’t stand out and it’s simply boring in my eyes.

Therefore combining it with a white T-shirt, a longsleeved T-shirt or simply a nicely coloured sweater is what I like to do the most.

– Accessories –

Every outfit needs accessories, as well as this outfit. I mostly pick out my silver name necklace, silver ring and silver earrings. I find that silver and light colours like white or grey or even bright colours like red go together very well.


Of course that’s just my way of styling it, there are plenty of other ways to do so.

Pinterest is a good platform to search for ideas, so take a look over there.

Until next time!

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~ SB

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