Spring Fashion Guide

Hello everyone!

The sunny days have FINALLY arrived and finding the perfect outfits are still kind of a struggle. I researched some websites and magazines and found some of the trends for Spring 2017. I’m here to help you out with a Spring Fashion Guide. Enjoy!

The Trends

– Sorbet Colours –

According to several fashion magazines, the ‘sorbet colours’ are in. These are mostly colours like yellow, blue, pink, light green and light purple. I guess you can say they’re like pastel colours. Something that you’ve most likely seen in ZARA these days, there’s a lot of yellow and pink out.

– Stripes –

Stripes in all forms, shapes and colours. A basic piece of clothing that fits everyone. AND it’s totally in fashion!

– More Skin –

This one’s for the dare devils. A little less fabric and a little more skin.

– Flares –

There are A LOT of shirts with flares nowadays. It’s not quite my cup of tea, but fashion is fashion and if you like it, then you should definitely wear it.

– Fishnet Tights –

A trend that everyone has seen but not everyone loved. I’m the one that loved it, but didn’t try it out… Most people wear them underneath their jeans or you can of course also wear them underneath a dress or skirt.

These are some of the trends for Spring 2017! Happy shopping!

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~ SB

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