Antwerpen Proeft – Antwerp

Hello guys! It’s me again..


You all probably know how much I love food and how much I love going to places where they serve food. I’m not exactly talking about a restaurant right now but I’m talking about – Antwerpen Proeft– (or in English: Antwerp Tastes).

It’s basically a place where a lot of crazy good chefs come together and each have a foodstand where they offer one or two dishes. I really enjoy this concept because you can basically go to every foodstand, which is kind of impossible but you get the idea, and taste their food. And afterwards you can decide if you would like to pay a visit to their actual restaurant.

Antwerpen Proeft is held near a river called Schelde and it’s basically the best location. Who doesn’t like an amazing view? The foodstands itself are scattered around inside and outside. We were very lucky to have a wonderful day with loads of sun, I even got a bit  sunburnt…


Entry wise it’s not very complicated, you pay €9 at the door when you’re 15+, everyone else who’s younger than 15 is allowed to enter for free. Once inside you get a free drink, either a water or beer, whatever you prefer of course. To get some food or drinks you need to buy tickets in sets of 10 or something and then “pay” with those tickets.

This event is held every year in Antwerp and it’s a very nice thing to do as a family or either with friends and I really recommend it!

For more information go to their >> websiteeee << x

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