Room Tour

Hi everyone!

A few months ago we decided to give my room a new look because it was quite necessary. The walls changed from baby blue to light grey and my bed dubbled up. I told you guys a few posts back that I would write a blogpost about my room when it was fully ready and now I can say that it is. It’s done and you get to see it first.

– The Bed –


When you come in, my bed is the first thing you see. It’s a giant Box Spring bed and I loveeee it *insert heart eye emoji*. The bedding is from Leen Bakker and so are the cushions. The little lamps on top of my bed are from Maison Du Mondebasically my favourite decoration shop.

– Nightstand –

18360406_452995871700132_1611136435_nPutting an actual nightstand next to my bed was impossible due to a lack of space, so we chose to buy a little stool. I put a frame on there with a lovely quote, it’s from Deco Moods and a plant which is from Jüttu. My phone joins that spot at night.




– Desk –

I’ve got this desk for a while now so I don’t know where it’s from, but I love the fact that it’s white. It really fits in. On my desk are some magazines, a mirror, pencils and some other stationary. In the corner I put a cactus and succulent. The little glass house that’s with it is from Dille & Kamille as well as the cactus itself and the succulent is from a tiny pop-up interior store in Bruges called Tnterior.


Above my desk is my memory wall. I’ve got some crazy pictures with friends, postal cards, quotes and tickets from past concerts hanging on a rose gold rack. I got that in Maison Du Monde and I love it so much. 18360835_452995528366833_546272057_n

– Closet –

Very essential of course, a closet. Not too much to say about this one actually – haha. In the corner between my desk and my closet is a messy corner with school books and bags.


– Cupboard and stuff –

You know that place you put everything else on that you don’t know where else to put? That’s this place. I’ve got my jewelry on there in a glass box (Maison Du Monde) , my lovely – English – books (mostly Amazon), a light box (Jelly Jazz) (& A SHAWN MENDES COUNTDOWN!!). Above this cupboard is a frame from David & David Studio , which I won on Instagram and it fits so well and it’s so beautiful!


This is my room, my cozy place and if you would like to spice up your room as well, you should definitely check out the links throughout this post!

Have a lovely day!

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~ SB

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