My Favourite YouTubers

Hi guys!

ITS SUMMERTIME!!! and that only means one thing: you can do whatever you want for two whole months… HOORAY!

However, in those two months you can get bored every once in a while, sooooo I’m here to help you out. My favourite activity to do when I’m bored is watching YouTube. I have a lot of people that I am subscribed to, but I’ve got my faves, of course, and I would love to share those people with you which I’m sure you’ll love.


There’s something about getting a sneak peek of someone’s life that triggers me to watch vlogs daily, yes daily. There are some (daily) vloggers out there that are super fun to watch >>>

* click pictures for links*

Pointlessblogvlogs by Alfie Deyes 

alfie deyes

He’s a 23 year old YouTuber from Brighton (UK) and is very down to earth. He’s basically just like you and me, and that’s what I love the most. He’s also a bit ‘childish’, I don’t know if that’s the best word to describe it, but he’s basically a child in a grown man’s body.




MoreZoella by Zoe Sugg 

zoe and alfieAs you can tell by the picture, Zoe Sugg is Alfie’s girlfriend. You see them a lot together in their vlogs (duh). Her vlogs are always suuuuper long, I’m talking like 20+ minutes and I absolutely love that. She’s super kind, obsessed with her dog Nala and loves beauty and fashion. That’s why she’s got another channel called Zoella, where she posts other videos like makeup tutorials, baking videos…



Tanya Burr by Tanya Burr

tanyaTanya Burr is a lovely woman! I adore her so much. She’s really into fashion, food, and being/staying healthy. She often films ‘What I Eat In A Day’ or what she does to stay healthy. She both vlogs and posts normal videos.





As well as vlogs, I also really like watching normal videos like challenges or Q&As. It doesn’t really matter tbh, I’d watch it all 😉

Dolan Twins by Grayson & Ethan Dolan

dolan twins.PNGMost likely the most fun, hilarious and good looking twins in the whole entire world. There isn’t one video where I haven’t laughed at all, I’ve recently started doing a marathon of their videos just because they’re sooo much fun!





ThatcherJoe by Joe Sugg

joe.PNGIt’s impossible not to laugh whilst watching his videos. He mostly plays pranks on people, mostly on his roommates and it’s hilarious. He does challenges as well like the ‘Hot Yoga Challenge’ or ‘The Hot Seat Challenge’. Really, really fun.




Jordan Lipscombe by Jordan Lipscombe 

jordan.pngFashion and Makeup? Yes, and this girl does it right! She’s stunning, gives you the best tips and is funny as well. Must watch!





I really hope you can find some to time to check these people out, cause it’s worth it.

Until next post

(c) Take A Shot Blog ~ Sara

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